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Find all the news of courses, courses and training for the season 2017 – 2018

Do you want to organize an internship and receive Rakiya at your school, institution or cultural association? send an email to or call 0473 / 694.43.

Courses available in particular or in groups or in one-off courses in Belgium and abroad: Oriental dance, Flamenco dance, Sevillanas, Classical dance, Ground bar, Indian dance, Polynesian dance, Dance therapy. If you would like to receive a list of courses Rakiya The Artist offers, send an email to

Continuing Education: Masterclasses with Rakiya The Artist: a quality learning experience unique in Belgium.

New season from September 2018, registration open via

A quality and unique learning program in Belgium provided by a dance professional.


For almost 15 years, I have trained pros and semi-pros in several dance and performing arts disciplines in general. Thanks to the success of these courses, I decided to open this MASTER class to allow more dancers to discover my teaching. My multidisciplinary and my experience allow me to consider the dance in all its line and not in a ‘partitioned’ way by a dance in particular. Each dance makes it possible to put forward a particular aspect … I have established a necessary and meticulous program where each one will be able to go through the steps in depth in an environment of benevolence, in an approach to exceed his limits for a freedom to dance.

Looking after the others
  • Trainer : Rakiya The Artist, dancer, choreographer and director of the Arabesque Dance School.
  • When? : twice a month, a lesson of 1:30 on the following dates: see dates on the flyers
  • For who? for anyone who wants to get to know each other better, increase their skills and improve their technical and interpretative skills. For anyone interested in perfecting their know-how in the art of dance.
  • Methodology : pedagogy is active, experimental, sensory; it alternates theoretical phases with practical phases. The tools used come from all the dances: classical, classical and folk oriental, Spanish, Turkish, gypsy, Indian and contemporary dances, like the versatility of Rakiya.
  • Objectives : To favor the work of a personal, instinctive dance based on his personality and the present moment.Learn to be free in your dance, in your body and develop an ability to “speak in space” whatever the music used or the origin of the dance. To enrich his technical baggage and his flexibility, to become conscious of the muscular work engaged, to apprehend the situations of dance, space and energy.
  • Content : the course begins with a warm up both mental and physical, a dance setting by specific work, then technical. At the end of the course: concatenations and improvisation work with the elements studied during the course. The sequences are filmed and available on an FB group.
  • Registration details : please send your resume (dance course) and a cover letter to
  • Registration fee : 125 euros for the 10 course module. (2 modules per season). Possibility to pay per month: 25 euros per month.

Testimonials from the trainees :

“TAKING a unique experience so powerful that at times I felt things I did not know. I learned a lot about myself. I would not hesitate to start again even if sometimes it was hard emotionally.With a group at the top and a “source” (Rakiya) more than true as always in this search for oneself, she tries to get the best or the worst of each of us. And that’s a real chance to be guided by someone who pushes us to be ourselves. What I remember is: DANCE what it is, even if it’s not easy to remember; it’s already a thing “(SS)

Rakiya’s dance and music universe is endlessly rich, she surprises us all the time, she has an ability to reinvent herself due, certainly, to her versatility. This superstfor us to open the field of possibilities (SD)

Monthly ground bar workshop in Belgium and France

One Sunday a month, enjoy this class and all the knowledge, experience and good advice of Rakiya The Artist.
It happens at the Arabesque dance school in Colfontaine and at Laurient in Santes.
Everyone can enjoy the benefits of the bar ashore:

  • Posture : inspired by classical dance, it rectifies bad postures: right back, tummy tucked, head released; you will come out with a real dancer – dancer!
  • Relaxation : the bar on the ground makes the openings work and in particular makes it possible to improve the outside for the dancers. The movements made soften the joints and rapid progress is possible.
  • Tonicity : it strengthens the whole body by working the abs, legs, buttocks and even the arms. Your figure will be refined and toned.
  • Breathing: you will learn to control your breathing so that it accompanies your movements and can go further.
  • Relaxation : we generally go out of a bar class on the ground. The soft music and the stretches make it possible to refocus on oneself after a day of work.

Next dates:

  • Sunday, May 27, 2018 from 11h to 12h30 in Colfontaine
  • Sunday, June 10 from 11h to 12h30 in Lille


Arabesque School of Dance ; rue moucheron 145, 7340 Colfontaine

Intensive bellydance course with Rakiya The Artist  NEW

dates on the flyer

Professional training “teaching dance”

teach dance to children, teens and adults

By whom ? Rakiya The Artist, dancer and choreographer director of the Arabesque dance school. It advocates a plural pedagogy adapted to the individual and not to the group. She has developed a free dance based solely on the moment and mindfulness, enriched for years by the diversity of her training, Discover her profile as a teacher and dancer

For who? This training is available to teachers, educators, early childhood professionals, dance and / or sports instructors from the age of 18.


As a dance teacher, I have often gathered the testimonials of teachers a little lost in the face of the greatness of the task at hand. Teaching dance is a work of goldsmith where “know how”, pedagogy, psychology, questioning, altruism and humility merge.

Teaching dance is a profession in itself, a wonderful profession of heart but not only. It is essential to receive training, to carry out its teaching with the students and to see them evolve step by step in complete safety. The teaching of dance has long been the victim of its system: indeed, many teachers of dance combine, still today, hardness to result; however, the company has evolved and this approach has become obsolete.

The task is great: organizing an entire season with a year-end gala or not, is not easy.

Motivate his students and federate them around the projects, to be able to observe them to understand what they live through our choreographies. Do not succumb to mastery, face fears or personal beliefs, know how to take the time to be there for them, listening to them. Keep your teacher’s place while establishing relationships of trust with the group. All this without the teacher being exhausted.

As a school principal, my desire is to make dance accessible to everyone. Many people started dance classes as children and gave up, due to the inappropriate behavior of the teacher. Others still did not dare to make a trade because they were not advised in this direction. If I professionalize the profession, I would allow more girls or boys to find a “well-being” and see vocations, as in countries such as Canada, the United States or Russia.

When : soon the dates, stay connected.

Training program:

    • Values ​​of the teaching of ARABESQUE.
    • Safety, hygiene and ethics of a dance class.
    • The balance of the balance between the actors of the profession.
    • Anatomy body / movement.
  • Relational, psychological and motor aspect.
    • Plural pedagogy adapted to the individual.
    • Subject matter and objectives of a course.
    • Dynamics of a course.
    • Motivate and bring a group towards autonomy.
  • Context of the dance education market in Belgium and cross-border. How to develop your teaching activities?
  • Practical and theoretical examination.

Practical internships in companies: in addition to practical courses, we offer practical internships within ARABESQUE and or with our partners. The training hours will be spread during the last month of the training in a class of children, teenagers or adults depending on the possibilities.

Examination and Certification: A theoretical and practical exam is scheduled at the end of the training in which a certificate is issued. A second session is offered to trainees at the end of August.

Price of the training: payable in 1 time or possibility of staggering.

Summer dance workshop from July 2nd to 6th, 2018

Finally, the complete program of summer internships which are always a success: pleasure of dancing, surpassing oneself and discovery of other dances that are not always practiced during the year.
I am proud to finally unveil it, I hope for this season meet even more new people during these courses.

Monday from 18H00 to 19H30 : oriental samba / basic techniques of samba with dance oriental / enchaînements and original and rhythmic combinations with Rakiya The Artist
Monday from 19H30 to 21H00 : special easing to improve his dance with Rakiya The Artist

Tuesday from 18H00 to 19H30 : castanets, small instrument legendary flamenco dance / atelie r initiation and discovery with Rakiya The Artist

Tuesday studio 3 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm : dance discovery workshop with Caroline / 9 places 
Tuesday studio 3 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm: dance discovery workshop with Caroline / 9 places 
Tuesday studio 1 from 19H30 to 21H00 : oriental percussion workshop, identification and discovery of the rhythms of oriental music with Simon, professional musician: percussionist who benefited from his beginnings, at the age of ten, lessons of Quentin Smolderen and Azzedine Jazuli. He punctuates his career many internships in Belgium and abroad.Today, he performs in Lamekân ensembles, Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin and Auster Loo./ Simon leleux.

Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:30 : Solo of percussion on the music “Melody of heartbeat” by Artem Uzunov , a crazy, powerful and catchy little choreography, sure explosion! Rakiya The Artist 
Wednesday from 19H30 to 21H00 : Special combination tours, arabesque and slots the musts have movements in space with elegance and freedom / Rakiya The Artist

Thursday from 18H00 to 19H30 : dance with the fans in feather, French cabaret style / Rakiya The Artist 
Thursday from 19H30 to 21H00 : stage of contemporary with Natacha Sculier graduate of state in dance. Natacha sculier

Friday from 18:00 to 19:30 : Indian dance by Rakiya The Artist in his image: discover combinations or all the dances blaze through a single dance / Rakiya The Artist studi o 1

Every evening, there is a destock dance : sale of clothes and dance accessories at very low prices, for children, adults, pros and beginners.

BARBECUE end of course on Sunday, July 8 at 12h00 open to all.

Prices : 
1 session in presale 15 euros, sale 18 euros 
6 sessions in pre-sales 80 euros, sale 95 euros 
Complete presale internship 115 euros, sale 135 euros 

Link to subscriptions: 

Internship: France Lille on Saturday 21 January 2008

Rakiya invited by the cultural association IBERICA created in 2008 by David VASCO Nelito, founding president and artist.

an oriental dance workshop from 15h to 17h. An evening dinner show from 8:00 pm.

Internship at Melaya Lille

unique oriental dance workshop: a folklore choreography with the Melaya, essential accessory for this specialty of Alexandria!

The melaya is danced with a big black veil, in which the dancer covers herself and reveals herself in a malicious way.Usually, the melaya of Alexandria is danced with a very colorful short dress and high heels! This dance mimics the life of women at the port of Alexandria

International dance workshop in Agadir 2014

Internship in Agadir, Morocco on 25/03/2017 «Rakiya Style»

“My body, my work of art” workshop 2017

Theme: “body in agreement”

Saturday, February 11, 2018 from 11h to 12h15

Stage of body expression: and if we rediscovered this body as we discover a work of art?

In this workshop, I propose to release this “house-body” of our history, of our lived experience, often repressed by the dictates of the society … by simple experiences accessible to all 🙂

The lack of expectation of result facilitates freedom of expression and creation.


As part of the project “#Travelling Arab Spring”

Learn to dance with live music! 
This course is intended for people wishing to develop their skills to dance with musicians or to refine their experiences too little often proposed during shows and demonstrations in Belgium. Rakiya has created this orchestra from the beginning of his career. In love with music she did not imagine performing with simple CD while she was learning oriental dance in Cairo with live music … this is the experience she wants to share with the trainees today.
In this workshop, Rakiya and his friendly musicians will bring you to this symbiosis of live music …
Egyptian dance workshop with live orchestra, on the song “El Atalal” of Oum kalsoum, performed by our singer guest artist: Ahmed Elkhatib from Cairo

Internship: flamenco / oriental fusion

Oriental flamenco stage Rakiya The Artist on the famous song “ya msafer wahdek” by Abdelwahab. A mix of the two cultures of Rakiya The artist: Spain and Morocco

Ballroom training -Lille 2016

Oum Kalthoum internship “Daret el ayam” France 2015

Classical and oriental dance workshop with: Rakiya The Artist ” Mozart the Egyptian”

Rakiya The Artist ( ) offers an internship in Belgium and Egypt on one of her creations that made her reputation as a ” Hybrid” artist , she creates this piece in 2010 for her show ” Once upon a time, oriental dance waspresented at Bozar in Brussels.

“This course is for everyone, the difficulty is not technical, it’s mostly a fine exercise in style and interpretation” Rakiya The Artist

Play a role, dress up! Be creative! When Rakiya The Artist presents this creation, the costume brings to life the rich style of the 18th century, the Age of Enlightenment …

Discover the choreography ” Mozart the Egyptian “:

Video of the internship:

Stage: “Orientalicious Oriental Festival” Amsterdam 2010 As part of the festival “Orientalicious” in Amsterdam, Rakiya the artist had the opportunity to give internships and a performance

Stage discovery “the dances of the world” 2009

Stage of discovery of the different dances of the world: Indian, classical, flamenco, oriental, … With the teenagers of the youth center of the social and cultural center of ferriere the great

International Flamenco Internship in Bulgaria 2016

Internship with students ballet of Sofia. A unique experience: mixing the technique of classical and flamenco, intimately linked But the goal is also to create a link between Bulgaria and Belgium.

Bolywood dance initiation course in Lille 2013

Summer season teenagers season 2017-2018

These courses all levels are for all people
wanting to improve their dance technique: improve your skills and allow you to develop a dance where the meaning leads to the technique and not the other way around. so as early as monday do not forget to come with you even simply …

  • The art of dancing with his arms : The art of dancing with his arms, these brave arms … for me they bring the word of the gesture, accentuate the phrasing and give meaning to our dance … during this training we will experiment with simple tools so that your arms are no longer “I do not know what to do with my arms” welcome to everyone whatever your horizon.
  • 1001 Arabesques : Are you bored with the usual Arabesques?This internship is for you! You will be able to discover the wide range of original combinations of Arabesque made by Rakiya and thus include them in your next dances.
  • Shamadam: “Since the beginning of my career as a dancer, shamadam has always been part of my shows: essential accessory for weddings and other festivities that celebrates life: come and discover it in a unique internship during intensive summer courses. For those who do not have shamadam we have some of them “- Rakiya the artist
  • Polynesian:

Eastern Dance Congress – Nice 2011

Internship “Rakiya Style” dances the setting of the International Congress of Oriental Dances in Nice, France

International Festival “Camp Negum” Egypt, 2017

Want to share a week of dances, music, going to clubs in Cairo fashion to dance until the early morning, do it with Rakiya who has been traveling to Cairo for almost 15 years, send an email to rakiyatheartist @ gmail .com for more information.

Festival website

Check out the video of Safaa Farid and Rakiya The Artist:

Sevillanas Monthly Workshops

Stage of Rajastan by the Company Arabesque Show

Each member of the Arabesque Shows Company is a mosaic.Coming from all walks of life, the dancers are united by this vision and this desire to desacralize and overcome the conventions and prejudices ruling the world of dance. Mother or student, amateur or professional, all share a sense of aesthetics and discovery that translate into surprising and uncomplicated choreography. Each dancer can specialize in a discipline and refine her training to teach or become a soloist. One word of order: passion .