Artistic Projects

Artistic Projects

Leisure dance for everyone

Rakiya The Artist, choreographer, professional dancer, founder and president of L’Asbl ARABESQUE dance school :

The Asbl ARABESQUE was founded in 2003. This association aims to promote culture through the dances and music of the world. She advocates an open-air dance accessible to all and

Arabesque School of Dance, Colfontaine

for everyone. For this purpose, the non-profit organization offers a flat rate well below the market. The building also has access for people with reduced mobility. To date, it has more than 300 members.

Arabesquue School of Dance, Maubeuge

News: In September, DANCE SCHOOL ARABESQUE extends beyond the borders and settles in Maubeuge .

Visit the website of his dance school:

The leisure dance accessible to all

Project: “body in agreement”

For a few years now, Rakiya has been working in mental health centers in the Mons Borinage region, on a punctual or long-term basis. She also receives invitations in the Brussels and cross-border region. Workshops are set up within the centers to allow everyone to have access to the pleasure of dance. The workshop is well-being oriented and supports the principle of ” no expectation of result” . Psychomotricity, body expression, discovery of the body, its environment and others, gently through simple and fun exercises.

To meet this demand Rakiya The Artist has created and developed the project “Body in agreement” which offers differentpeople access to the pleasure of dance within   our establishment or in their own center.

In this same approach in 2017, she proposes in collaboration with the center the oak with hedges her project “Cabaret d’Art” ; interactive show between dancers and residents . The show is a success and again proposes to create links between communities and the arts; promote decompartmentalization. The second edition will be held during the 2018/2019 season. If the project interests you contact us at

Our partners: Uta-Uti, CHP oaks with hedges, Asbl Mdj The Platform, Youth center of the social and cultural center of the highs of France, …

Oak Hospital Center with hedges, Mons
asbl mdj The Platform
Pôle jeunesse ferriere la grande

If you work in a center and we are interested in your project you can contact us at or make an appointment at the secretariat 0491 / 364.368.

Dance within the company

Personal development and management of emotional behavior:in groups or individually. Rakiya The artist and the Asbl ARABESQUE offer workshops “well-being” to aim:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Self-esteem
  • Team mobilization and solidarity
  • group consistency

to increase work efficiency and combat absenteeism.

Dance in schools

ICES Quaregnon Workshop

The Arabesque Dance School conducts body language workshops and musical awakening for girls and boys. In a “better living together” approach , the ARABESQUE dance school approaches themes such as “the gaze of others”, “difference”, “mockery”, “social networks” through dance. , “The mass effect”, “daring”, … To help our young children to express and evacuate and to play down the problems they encounter in their daily lives. All this in a good child atmosphere, fun and with a great touch of humor!

Sensitization workshops and conferences for all in institutions, schools and cultural centers.

What is an artist? Artist is a real job? How becomes an artist?

Awareness workshop on the condition, definition and activities of the artist in our society. His social and cultural role.

Public: from 7 years old until 77 years old, no limited numbers. Location: within our facility or on the road.

Practice: Part verbal exchange and a scenario through a stage art to create a work together and demonstrate that we all have an artist in itself. Playful, dynamic and constructive. Workshop time 3h00 or adaptable according to demand.

This workshop is led by Rakiya The Artist, it aims to open the field of possible , to put words on a job poorly known in our society. To bring down the amalgams, the received ideas, and the media models. Promote valorization, self-esteem andtrust of the creative force present in all of us. And who knows how to be revealing future artists?

“When I was a child, simple things and key people on my way allowed me to believe in myself, at a time when the crafts were more than sulky. My multiculturality has been a constraint and a springboard both in this approach to my Art and my entrepreneurship, I am very sensitive today to the school orientations of young people often imprisoned in societal fears (…) »Rakiya The Artist

You wish to receive Rakiya The Artist: or 0032 / 364.368

Continuing education

Professional Training “Teaching Dance” by Rakiya The Artist

Link to the training:

Dancer training

The Arabesque Dance Company Shows Co. came into being on this ideology in 2003, it consists of semi pros and pros as well as invited artists during one-off projects. The company is very active artistically, each year it offers one to two original creations as well as dance performances from all over the year. The dancers involved in this creative project enjoy individual and individual coaching

in addition to the group work, each one can develop and gradually define his artistic universe. The dancers of the Cie teach dance with the approach and the richness of Rakiya The Artist, regularly they co-animate internships at Arabesque and other associations, institutions or dance school. A biennial audition is organized at the end of the season and aims to recruit new talents.

News: The company Arabesque Show audition, Link to the audition:

Cie Arabesque Show

Teen Project Co., our young people, their talent, and their passion.

Teen Project Cie, a unique project in Belgium in the heart of Mons Borinage;

Teen Project

Young people today are say the very talented, the media, the internet and the current era allow them to receive a wealth of information, what a pity not to put in motion this energy.

Rakiya The Artist was keen to develop a structure where young people find something to feed and share their talents and pass close to home, whatever the socio-cultural milieu. The project involves immersing young people in the direct and indirect dance trades, allowing them to taste their different worlds safely; dance, management, costume design, photography, the process of creating a show.

Teen project

teaching dance is also part of the discovery, our young people

supervise the children during internships and co-assist the trainers of the Arabesque asbl. Autonomy, creativity, cultural exchange and the overcoming of his fears are put forward by the supervisors. Together they reinvent the field of the possible and push back the barriers of the impossible

Teen Project Cie is also the anti-chamber of Cie Arabesque Shows.We hope to arouse future vocations.Each end of academic season, a call for applications is launched within the association but also on networks and the net. If you are interested in this project, click here:

News: Teen Project recruits;